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World Dodgeball Association Partner with Needlesmart

The World Dodgeball Association is delighted to announce that Needlesmart is a new Official Partner.

The partnership will support the future development of Dodgeball across the World and will support new projects that the World Dodgeball Association will unveil later this year.

Needlesmart is a unique and patented device to destroy Hypodermic Needles preventing many needle stick injuries and contracting diseases through the injuries. See more about their market leading technology on

Needlesmart are supporting the Dodgeball World Cup 2018 as a lead sponsor of the finals that are taking place at Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. As a sponsoring partner Needlesmart have helped to ensure that the Dodgeball World Cup will be a World Class Event.

President of the World Dodgeball Association Tom Hickson says ‘This is a momentous occasion for the World Dodgeball Association and for the Sport globally. The partnership with Needlesmart will enable greater sustainable growth of participation within Dodgeball across existing and new countries.’

Chief Executive Officer of Needlesmart Cliff Kirby said ‘Having a global reach through one of the most inclusive sports on the planet aligns perfectly with our aims for social inclusion and worldwide innovation as needles are a worldwide product that needs a correct disposal process.’


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