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The World Dodgeball Association (WDA) and United Through Sports (UTS) signed a historical agreement held virtually on 12 August to work together to foster inclusion, youth development and equity through dodgeball and UTS sport initiatives.

The two partners have been collaborating through all major UTS events since 2018 including the annual SportAccord and UTS World Virtual Youth Festival with more recent participation in the UTS online competition “What’s Your Daily?”.

An official signing demonstrates the commitment of both entities to collaborate to improve global access to sport opportunities and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle regardless to abilities, social background, and work towards reducing existing inequalities.

UTS and WDA have already shown a close collaboration which will evolve through the new-arising sport opportunities and events.

“Working with younger generations is a high priority and at the heart of WDA. Inclusivity and accessibility are core elements of our activities to grow the sport globally. A key part of our agenda in the signing of this MOU is to continue our participation in the World Virtual Youth Festival as well as the physical festivals held as a part of SportAccord” said WDA President Tom Hickson.

“WDA wishes to develop the partnership and develop activities together with UTS, as we also dedicate yourselves to the growth of sport activities in the world of Dodgeball particularly with youth across the world.”

Stephan Fox, UTS President, said: “Together we are pleased to unite through the power of your sport to bring dodgeball to many more youth around the world, to many for who it will be the first time and hopefully not the last. We are excited to continue our collaboration as we have done, over the last years to bring positive opportunities for youth to develop and thrive.”

“Your commitment to Social responsibility is a great example of how sport can strengthen the lives of so many and work as a tool for empowerment. With WDA’s Young Leaders Award program giving youth opportunities to become coaches or referees and the World Dodgeball Academy which is growing, the federation is dedicated to nurturing young generations around the world. This is why, now more than ever we must stand united for youth of all abilities and ensure they have opportunities to thrive.”

Discussions are already underway towards future initiatives where the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a need for deeper mental health support and accessibility to sport during an era of increased physical inactivity.

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