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Tom's Travel's: The Road to NY 6

Can't believe June has finished... Where has the year gone?

We've had another busy week at World Dodgeball with Mark (Croston) in Canada and the US and me in London. Headed into the final stretch for the Dodgeball World Cup 2018 in NY and this is my 6th Blog.

Mark's trip to Canada and the US was to sure up elements around the World Cup 2018, and he had a great time out there meeting all the people behind the scenes to make the event happen. The picture below was taken by another instrumental person in the mix - Ari (Sandlot Sports) who runs a very good NY Dodgeball league.

Lewis, Katie and Mark with MSG in the background.

I was in a strangely sunny London for a day of meetings this week that can help to shape the Dodgeball of the future. Being UK based there's strong ties with the Commonwealth and as such, the Commonwealth games is a target for us to be involved with. Securing a future for the sport we love is of paramount importance and the World Dodgeball Association is about showing the accessibility of our sport, whilst partnering with people that can amplify our message. The Commonwealth Games is such an organisation and a strong partnership with then can help to show dodgeball on a world stage alongside other sports.

Not only that but I was also in town to talk to an amazing UK Charity called Sport Relief that does a lot of good across the world and shares our values of inclusion whilst building sports into communities for longterm goals of a healthier and better balanced life. They are another potential partner that have synergies with Dodgeball and are able to work with us in the future to keep our sport at the forefront of people's consciousness.




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