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Tom's Travel's: The Road to NY 3

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

GAISF HQ (Global Association of International Sports Federations)

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my third blog of Tom's Travels. Cant believe it's almost been a month since my Road to NY blog started... The #DWC18 is fast approaching!

If you have kept up with the Dodgeball news, you'll remember we took the huge step of receiving 'Observer' status last year from the GAISF. Well, this week I have been planning the next meeting with the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) that is due to take place in Olympic Capital City of Lausanne. During the visit I will be doing a lot of things, including meeting the Canton De Vaud (a regional government authority) with our colleagues at the Federation Suisse Dodgeball regarding a partnership to connect the existing and extensive participation of Dodgeball within the Education sector with the community delivery that takes place. In addition we are working with the Olympic Council of Asia to host a recognition meeting that will take place in Tokyo in connection with the 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games Movement building towards creating "The Sport For Tomorrow". I am delighted to announce that the Japan Dodgeball Association have joined this program in partnership with Japan Sports Council to help in promoting Dodgeball through the Olympic Movement. 

It has been a very busy week of Dodgeball World Cup 2018 planning as we enter into the final two months prior to the event at Madison Square Garden. One very exciting project involves work with the FDNY and 9/11 Survivors to create a Dodgeball League as a part of the legacy program surrounding the World Cup and to bring FDNY and 9/11 Survivor members and their respective families to the World Cup.

The World Dodgeball Association World Council held a very successful meeting this week largely to discuss the Dodgeball World Cup 2018, during the meeting a decision was taken to hold weekly World Council - Dodgeball World Cup 2018 meetings up until the event to ensure that all members of community are able to contribute to building one of the greatest events that Dodgeball has ever seen. Therefore the World Council will be inviting all members of our Dodgeball Family to communicate with your National Federation Leaders about how we can make sure that Dodgeball World Cup 2018 creates the most amazing experience for you!

Best Regards 



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