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Tom's Travel's: The Road to NY

Tom Hickson in Egypt
Tom Visiting the Egyptian Dodgeball Federation in 2016

Hi Everyone,

I’m Tom Hickson, President of the World Dodgeball Association and this is the first edition of ‘Tom’s Travel’s Blog’. My idea for this blog is to share what goes on behind the scenes at the World Dodgeball Association on the build up to the Dodgeball World Cup 2018, Madison Square Garden, New York City and to give you some insight as to what my day-to-day role involves. From planning and strategising growth to creating new partnerships and overall how this is contributing towards the sustainability, survival and the growth of our beloved Dodgeball sport.

The Blog is here to also share with you my thoughts and views about the future of Dodgeball and the direction of travel going forward.

Speaking of travel, I want to show you what happens during my global travels. from the type of meetings and people that I meet through to official visits to see our new and/or existing National Federations.

The purpose of ‘Tom’s Travel’s Blog’ is to show and celebrate the amazing things that happen within Dodgeball on a day-to-day basis. As we are also so hugely busy doing the doing we do not get chance to recognise what great work actually happens from all our ambassadors and regional communities.

What's currently happening right now behind the scenes at the World Dodgeball Association;

We are heavily committing the majority of staff and volunteer resources into the Dodgeball World Cup 2018 by finalising the logistical aspects, such as shortlisting and selecting producers and broadcasters, marketing strategy and promotional campaigns to create much needed ticket sales and overall making this World Cup the greatest Dodgeball event that we have ever seen. It’s a historical first for not just the USA in hosting but also Madison Square Garden as a venue hosting Dodgeball, and we want to deliver what the community deserves in a huge, atmospheric and awesome show.

Aside from the World Cup I am reviewing the World Dodgeball Association's Coach Official Education program to analyse whether additional content could be delivered and forecasting the growth patterns of new Coaches and Officials over the next three years. I am also finalising two Memorandum of Understandings and partnerships, firstly with Peace & Sport who work globally within a number of targeted nations and people that experience high levels of conflict in everyday life and the World Dodgeball Association would like to support Peace & Sport to fulfil the mission of using Sport to create peace under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. Finally, in partnership with the International School Sport Federation we are aiming to complete a Memorandum of Understanding that will result in the creation of a World Dodgeball School Games in the short to medium term future.

There’s a lot of things happening in Dodgeball and we are humbled by the help we get daily from the community. To that end, please keep sharing the news about the Dodgeball World Cup 2018 as we countdown to the event.

Keep dodging!


World Dodgeball Association President


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