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The Dodgeball World Cup 2018 Official Anthem is LIVE!

History is in the making this year for so many reasons in the world of dodgeball. We are in the USA for the countries first ever World Cup Tournament, we are at the iconic Madison Square Garden who are hosting us for the first time ever, and we have a World Cup Anthem, again as a world first.

Nations from the world of dodgeball feature in the song "Ready for New York". It's a rousing ballad for the road to the World Cup and it's going to raise the roof when we get there with an event that's going to be a furiously contested battle where the victors will claim the title of best Men's, Women's and Mixed Dodgeball teams on the planet.

Tickets will be available rom Ticketmaster from the 3rd of May 2018 so make sure you secure your spot for the content of the summer.


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