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Para Wheelchair Dodgeball

Para Wheelchair Dodgeball is an officially recognised discipline of the Sport and is actively participated across the World. In August 2018 the World Dodgeball Association will be releasing news of the inaugural first Para Wheelchair World Cup that will take place in 2020. 

The basic rules of Para Wheelchair Dodgeball  are as follows;

  • Two Teams of 4 players on court and up to 4 substitutes. 

  • Three Dodgeball's on court within a single match.

  • The court size 15 metres by 6 metres 

  • Each match is 30 minutes long, with two halves of 15 minutes and sets of up to 3 minutes (this rule will be adapted for junior competition). 

  • To eliminate a player, a Dodgeball must be thrown directly at an opposing player, hitting the player without the Dodgeball bouncing. 

  • If a Dodgeball strikes a players wheelchair followed by hitting a player without the ball bouncing then the player is also eliminated from the match. 

  • If a player catches the ball from an opposition throw, then the player who has thrown the ball is eliminated from the match and the catching player also is able to bring a member of their own team back into the match. 

  • A player is able to use a Dodgeball to block an opposing throw, as long as the Dodgeball does not strike the fingers of the player blocking the throwing Dodgeball before hitting the blocking Dodgeball, the blocking player will remain within the match. 

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Somalidodgeball Federation
Somalidodgeball Federation
Jan 03, 2023



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