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Dodgeball Australia - Official Recognition!

The goal for us at World Dodgeball Association has always been to lift the sport of Dodgeball up as a model of a participatory sport at all levels of inclusion, from grassroots to professional. Elevating Dodgeball beyond a hobby and onto the international sporting arena to take its rightful place among other sports that have a national governing body, a World Cup, a set of rules and regulations that are overseen by internationally accredited and recognised bodies to the stage whereby, on a daily basis, it's practiced with fun and the aspiration of youth to get to the elite level in Dodgeball.

A huge step towards our goal is taken each time our member countries do what Australia just did - 'Dodgeball Federation Australia (DFA) is proud to announce it has received official recognition as a National Sporting Organisation by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).'

This is what success loos like!

It's not an easy thing to be nationally accredited and it takes tenacity, strength and a not insignificant amount of organisation and work to get this badge of honour, so we're massively happy that Australia has the recognition they deserve.

There is a full statement from them HERE and you can get to their Facebook page HERE where there's reaction to the huge news.

The Dodgeball world is growing and each time we work together to get the best from our community, we are always humbled by our shared determination to deliver the best we can for the sport.


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